About Us

Blue Nest Property Services Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based Property Services company with offices located in Sydney CBD, licensed as a Corporation under the Property, Stock and Business Agents. Company is mainly engaged in property management services, operating in the pursuit of large-scale, standardized service integration.

Blue Nest has a young and dedicated team with great passion and professional ethics. We are adhering to the "people-oriented" spirit, emphasized on personnel training and accumulation. Company provides employees with good competitive and promotional working environment. In order to better serve our customers and improve professional quality of our staff, we conduct full range of professional knowledge and professional skills training on a regular basis by hiring senior real-estate professional trainers. We also endeavour to attract high-quality talents to join in order to enhance overall strength of the company.

“Delivering more than you expect” is our company slogan. As a young company, we know very well that the road ahead is still long. However, what we possess of is a unique, progressive, and tenacious. Blue Nest is the faithful guardian of your properties, and will be always the first to appear standing by your side.